PROS Waterproof Chest Waders ”Standard”

PROS Waterproof Chest Waders ''Standard''

The chest waders have been produced with high quality PVC boots welded in. The model has elasticated braces. Chest waders have been made on waterproof strong fabric Plavitex Heavy Duty. The product has been designed to be used especially by professionnal fishermen and for leisure fishing activities. It's a good protection against water. High frequency welding makes seams stronger.

  • Plavitex Heavy Duty

    PLAVITEX HEAVY DUTY – a polyester-based fabric coated on one side with PVC. It is highly resistant to tearing and has waterproof stitching. Due to the unique chemical composition of the coating the fabric is extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions and bending at temperatures down to -50°C. The fabric meets the requirements of the EN 343 standard, which has been verified by tests conducted by a certified textile testing institute.

    Weight of fabric:
    680 gram/m²
    0,68 mm
-50ºC -50ºC
The product has a good resistace against folding at low temperatures.
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