RIO Outbound Coldwater Fly Line Series WF8I/S6

RIO Outbound Coldwater Fly Line Series WF8I/S6

Rio's number one line for ease of casting all sizes of flies on fast action rods for any species from trout to Albacore and larger- anywhere cold and temperate waters and fish lurk.

This is a Rio speciality fly line that packs the rod loading punch of a stout Integrated shooting head into a modest 37 ft.

This is a fly line specifically designed with a coating that does not become overly stiff (and make casting a chore) at temperatures in the 50 - 80 Degree (F) range.

Rio's decision to design and produce integrated head shooting fly lines that are heavier than the usual line-class standards is a carefully calculated means of achieving rapid rod loading with only a little line in the air. This feature allows one to obtain full-fledged line-loading from modern fast actions fly rods.

The Outbound gives the angler who is wading and casting into and across a stiff breeze - because even with less height above the water, this short, aggressive head will load your rod and punch a fly with authority.

Outbound Coldwater fly lines are offered in several key configurations to meet the most demanding fly fishing applications:

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