Snowbee – XS Plus Kelly Blue Intermediate WF7

Snowbee - XS Plus Kelly Blue Intermediate WF7

WFKBI XS-Plus ‘Kelly-Blue’ Intermediate WF 7
Sinking Rate is 1.5-1.8ips 
Head 42.5ft / Line 90ft
In addition to the Floating options we have extended the technology to this unique sinking line – a superb casting, two-colour ‘Kelly-Blue’ Intermediate. With a Kelly Green head and Royal Blue running line, this slow sinking line has been specifically designed for the Irish and Loch fishing styles, and it has already proved hugely successful in testing across a range of fishing styles and techniques. With a low stretch braided core and conventional WF Taper, this line with its new Nano construction will behave very similarly to the Neutral Density (WFND) fly line but should cut through the surface film a little quicker but not sink as fast as other, more conventional intermediate fly lines. 
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