Snowbee Poly – Coated Leader Trout 5ft

Snowbee Poly - Coated Leader Trout 5ft


Available in floating, intermediate, Slow Sink and fast sink


Snowbee Poly-Coated Leaders for Trout have a smooth tapered Polymer coating over a supple monofilament core make the Poly-Coated Leaders an extension of your fly line. These Poly-Coated Leaders have a neat welded loop at the butt end with a monofilament tip, which can be tied directly into your tippet. The Thermo-plastic coating gives a silky smooth surface finish and a superb, controlled turnover and presentation.
The Poly-Coated Leaders are available in 5ft Trout (12lb B.S), or 10ft Salmon/Saltwater (24lb B.S.).

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