Fladen – Maxximus Nano Plus Boat Rod 235cm 10 -20lb

Fladen - Maxximus Nano Plus Boat Rod 235cm 10 -20lb

Fladen's new series of Boat rods are built using their new nano technology. These rods are built with a new type of resin binder system, which means that they can use less material whilst creating a stronger and lighter rod. The fibers are more evenly distributed in the material which forms the blank, and are therefore less likely to fail under load.

A rod built with nano technology is up to 30% stronger than a rod built with a conventional resin system. This gives you increaced lifting power, better balance and a rod that is much lighter and more robust making it harder to break.

These rods have a high quality Fuji tip ring and reel seat for durability and are supplied in a cloth bag.

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