Ullcatch – Bait Weaver

Ullcatch - Bait Weaver

Introduction: Have you ever gone fishing only to find your bait elastic is a no-go? After all the time and effort you put into preparing, the trip is now ruined because your bait elastic is almost decomposed, rancid and binding on your crab is a no go, and as a result the elastic keeps snapping… Well No More!

This new product is for all anglers who are frustrated about not being able to instantly find and grip the end of their bait elastic in order to wrap their bait on their hooks. The Ullcatch Bait Weaver is a new bait elastic dispenser that delivers quality elastic so you can find and grip it successfully each and every time. Now all anglers can prepare their bait like professional anglers.

Unlike their competitors, Ullcatch’s Bait Weaver comes with a lanyard. Therefore, it can be hung anywhere. It also has a range of different gauges of elastic for different sizes of bait and most importantly it always has the elastic in a position ready to use.

Bait Elastic is used by all anglers to wrap and secure bait onto the hook and line. Bait elastic is an essential piece of equipment for all bait anglers, something that can be reached for each time an angler goes bait fishing. I always carry it with me and also use it to repair soft plastics; When you find your soft plastic ripped by the teeth of fish, a quick few turns using the light grade of elastic does the job!



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